About Peggy

About Peggy

Artist Statement

Insights come into the flesh before the mind,
Settling into the heart, before it can catch its breath.

Art is a complete approach to life rather than an afterthought or a product. It is, for me, a practice, a process of living, a living being.

The practice stretches organs and limbs, bones and muscles, which are the nerves of its experience and of its mind. Ultimately, when followed and honored, it produces gardens, dreams, poetry and art.

Let the path of your voice follow the line of life.
Let all else dissipate from the eye of your vision,
The attention of your creativity,
The blood of your body,
The contractions of your desire.


Peggy moved to Southwest Colorado in 1993 after living and working as an artist in Seattle, Washington for 20 years.

She had purchased 40 acres of woods, streams, a lake with large mouth bass and a view of the La Plata mountains, three log cabins and an assortment of smaller barns and buildings, all of which needed extensive remodeling.
Main cabins are available for rent to artists, writers, honeymooners, workshops, family vacations and for getaways. An extra studio building is also now available for artists and others to rent for individual work or workshops and retreats. The new Gallery/Studio is lovely as a meeting space as well.
The gardens have been developed into inviting oases winding through pinion and juniper.

In 2000 Peggy married a friend from Seattle, Lee Cloy, an expert in property and building management, a Tai Chi Practitioner, a true visionary and problem solver. His arrival made Willowtail Springs blossom and become even more lush.

Stewardship of the land, water, air and wildlife have steadily increased. From 2001-2004 Lee and Peggy saved 7500 pinion, juniper and ponderosa trees from the infestation of the Ips bark beetle. They have also released numerous raptors for the Colorado Division of Wildlife and added 20 more acres of land.

The magical environment at Willowtail Springs seems to calm and inspire guests and friends as well as provide a life style for Peggy and Lee which informs their life and Peggy’s art work.

Having worked in art and Tai Chi studios in the nearby town of Mancos for many years, Cloys have just finished a small home for themselves as well as a studio on the property where Peggy works. The Gallery/Studio at Willowtail Springs is open Monday – Saturday from 4:00PM – 6:00PM or by appointment for people to view the work.